Print your own prosthesis and
control it with your phone

Use your prosthesis without myo

All you need is your phone's front-facing camera and a 3d-printed prosthetic hand.
Using machine learning technology, you can use your camera and your valid hand to change your prothesis's grip in real-time.
Save and load grips
Pre-program your grips to save and load them for later. Single-grip saving is available now, multi-grip saving is coming soon.
Open source
Join us on Github and customize your prosthesis to work the way you want it to. The Mirru Android and Arduino code is available in our repository.
Demo Video

Free and
Open Source

3D print and assemble the Brunel Hand, upload the Arduino Sketch and download the Mirru App.
Brunel Hand
Download the 3D printable files by OpenBionics and build your own arduino hand powered by our ready-to-use sketches.
Bluetooth App
The Mirru android app integrates with any servo-powered hand that works with a bluetooth open source microcontroller.
Moving away from myo is interesting for people in places like developing countries because seeing a prosthetist for myo placement can be very expensive and it's hard to do the sensor placement.
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